wireless modem router Wireless data connection is now common nowadays in most businesses and households. It allows users to tirelessly connect on the Internet without just being stuck to a single place. And thanks to the technology of wireless modem routers.

These wireless modem routers are devices that connect multiple wireless networks. It can send information to where it was directly needed in the network. And they only require minimal amount of cables. There are two popular kinds of wireless connection: the 802.11g and the 802.11b connection. This wireless router also acts as a firewall, wherein it protects the network from any kind of malicious attacks like malwares and viruses.

If you wanted to install a wireless connection in your own network your must have the following: Wireless router/modem, an Internet connection, and computers that will be involved in your network. Here are some steps that will help you hook up your router to the internet :

  1. Pick modem and router preferably from the same brand for full compatibility.
  2. Check your internet access with your provider.
  3. Set your wireless router where it is always accessible for easier maintenance as well as range visibility.
  4. Strictly follow the manufacturer’s direction in the installation.
  5. Do the network configuration as instructed in the User’s Manual of the product.
  6. Three things need to be configured: the wireless network name called as SSID, the type of wireless encryption, and the Wireless Protected Access password. Save theses configurations after you have set it.

Mostly all modern day desktop computers, mobile devices and laptops have already built-in wireless router support. This feature will automatically detect and connect if applicable to all existing wireless network..

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