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Wifi HackingWe can classify the attacks into two main groups: passive attacks and active attacks, which are obviously more dangerous.

  • Passive attacks:

In a wireless network passive listening is even easier than the media air is hardly controllable.

Often, the radio coverage of one access point goes beyond the private domain of a company or an individual. The passive attack the most common is the search for access point.

This attack (called Wardriving) became the “game” the favorite of many hackers, the access points are easily detected by a scanner (equipped with a laptop WiFi card and special software to search for PA.) These cards are equipped with wifi directional antennas (Yagi type) to listen to the radio traffic at a distance outside the coverage area of access point.

There are two types of scanners, liabilities (Kismet, WifiScanner, prismstumbler …) without leaving traces, virtually undetectable and assets (Netstumbler, dstumbler) detectable when listening, they send out “probe request” . Netstumbler only works on Windows, others work with Linux.

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